Every student has a unique way of studying and preparing for this big exam! Below you can find the best and most in-depth way to prepare for the exam taken directly from the experiences of numerous and successful medical students who have passed the IMAT.

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Since it’s Cambridge who holds and prepares a part of the exam, we recommend studying from the A-level books. Below you can find amazon links to all of the books that we personally recommend.

There are also preparation books created for the IMAT by a group called "AlphaTest Medicina en Inglese", however these books are in Italian and can only be purchased within Italy.

For practice questions while the past papers are the best source for preparation, BMAT questions are very similar in format and in fact have been used in some of the exams. Below you can find links to both past papers as well.


For Section 1: Logical Thinking

Thinking skills (Highly recommended)


Critical Thinking Skills


BMAT Preparation:






Physics and Maths:



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