How scrolling works for Non-Eu students

Even if it seems like “scrolling” is only for EU candidates, this can also happen for Non-EU students.

In the following article I’m going to try to explain how this works.

For Non-EU candidates the first choice of university is very important. As there is no collective list in contrast to EU students, Non-EU candidates must check with their first choice university to see the ranking once it’s released.

To explain scrolling simply I’m going to give you an example; let’s pick the university Tor Vergata.

Imagine Tor Vergata released the Non-EU ranking list and there were 14 people who applied for the 10 spots. The top ten students will be ASSIGNED and asked to enroll into the university online or in person (there is usually a deadline).

Out of the first 10 people, lets assume the 5th and 7th candidate on the ranking didn’t make it to the deadline or enrolled into another course or changed their mind and decided to be a farmer somewhere else.

There are now two free spots, and these two seats will go to the 11th and 12th candidate on the ranking list. The university will either contact them personally;or the university will release a new ranking list and the people will need to contact the university.

IMAT Scrolling Non-EU - Tor Vergata non-eu ranking list 2017

Above is the Tor Vergata Non-EU ranking list of 2017 (page 1 of 2 for a total 68 applicants)

As you can see the first 10 were supposed to enroll into the university, but after the first week, the university released a new ranking list.

IMAT Scrolling Non-EU - Student information on tor vergata ranking list

One person from the first 10 didn’t enroll and the seat was offered to the next candidate in line.

The Non-EU rankings do not scroll a lot. There are usually only a couple of seats if any that are forfeited. There could be a lot of reasons for this.

Remember that regardless of your score, if you see that one candidate didn’t enroll into a university and you want to enroll, they won’t let you because there are more candidates who had their 1st choice as this university.

This means that for Non-EU candidates the university will always prioritize candidates who picked that university as their first choice. No matter how much you scored they will always offer seats to candidates on their ranking list before external ones regardless of test-scores.

However there is another situation in which a candidate can enroll into a university that was not their first choice; when there are left over spots.