About Studying Medicine

Below is our 2018 updated guide on about studying medicine. All of the information you need to know about studying medicine in Italy as well as some helpful tips to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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About Studying Medicine - Student studying at deskThe workload and responsibility of studying medicine

We all know that medicine is one of the hardest subjects in the world. While there’s insane pressure worldwide for medstudents, Italy does it with a twist…. Read more

About Studying Medicine - Exam sheetThe grading system in Italian Universities

Letter based systems ie A+ to F, or percentage based systems ie out of 100% are the norms we expect when being evaluated for subjects., but Italy seems to have picked the strangest grading system possible…. Read more

About Studying Medicine - Calendar with a tick on itThe flexibility of exams

Flexibility is not the first thing to pop into your mind when you think of exams. However in Italy when it comes to exams you have the absolute freedom to choose when and which exams you would like to sit. This system is quite the blessing and quite the curse at the same time….Read more

About Studying Medicine - stick figures sitting down with speech bubbles coming out of their mouthsWhy is everyone afraid of oral exams?

Non-Italian students seem to have an innate fear of oral exams. However I assure you there is nothing to fear! I have never seen anybody as understanding or compassionate as an Italian professor trying to get a student to pass an oral exam…. Read more

About Studying Medicine - seats in a classroomA typical exam day

You survived another semester and now it’s time to prove it face-to-face to your hardworking professors. Continuing on from the first part of this series let’s see what to expect on the day, and how you should prepare for an oral exam…Well… not exactly study wise preparing…. Read more

About Studying Medicine - dozens of drawn clock everywhereStarting classes late

Have you ever wondered what happens to those students that enrol very late in the year after rounds and rounds of scrolling, like February or March or even later? I am one of them. I enrolled in February, during exam session, so I had to wait about a month for classes to start back in March…. Read more

About Studying Medicine - medical books you needShopping for books

Thankfully buying books is not a necessity for Italian Universities with online versions of them being freely distributed for students who can’t afford them. However if you feel that having a physical copy is a must, at least try to do it in the most economical way possible…Read more