About Italy

Here you can find some miscellaneous blog posts about life in Italy experienced by a foreign student, or with some native insight by our guest bloggers. Read about Italian culture from travelling through the cities, to how to best blend in all the way to the specialty food you have to try when you move here.

About Student Life in Italy - University of bari buildingMy First Visit to Bari

When I was trying to pick a place to sit the IMAT, my first choice wasn’t Bari (even though it was my first choice university). I wanted to sit the exam in another place to discover… but in the end I thought that maybe I should sit it in the city I’m going to live in, hopefully, for the next 6 years…. Read more

About student life in italy - Castel Sant'AngeloGetting Around Rome

Getting around Rome may seem mind boggling at first. When you first get here the bus system makes it seem like there’s a lot left to be desired for. However I definitely love the public transport system. It’s incredibly cheap and well-connected, you just have to make sure to give yourself plenty of travel time…. Read more

About student life in italy - TuscanyTravelling Around Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, not only with its stunning cities but it’s breathtaking views while travelling in between those cities. There is so much to see in this wonderful country and sometimes the journey is just as beautiful as the destination… Read More

About student life in Italy - FashionThe Cultural Cornerstone of ‘Decoro’

From getting dressed to go grocery shopping to dressing up for your exams, the Italian stereotype of dressing well is very evident. While the streets do not resemble a catwalk for the latest lines of fashion, the idea of dressing… Read More