Our blog is categorised under four main subjects in which you can find many different but related topics for any questions you may have. Many of the posts are written by either current students studying in the course, or prospective students preparing for the exam. The blog covers topics from preparing for the exam to life and transportation in Italy which you can find below.


About Medschools in Italy

La Sapienza University
The University of Bari
The University of Turin
The University of Tor Vergata

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About Italy

Getting Around Rome
My First Visit To Bari
The Cultural Cornerstone of Decoro 
Travelling Through Italy 

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About The IMAT

E.U. Citizen IMAT Guide
Non E.U. Citizen IMAT Guide
EU Scrolling Explained
Non-EU Scrolling Explained


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About Studying Medicine

The Fear of Oral Exams
The grading system
The Flexibility of Exams
The Workload of Medicine

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